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The term Oil and Grease includes fats, oils, waxes, and other related constituents found in wastewater. Oil and grease are quite similar chemically; they are compound (esters) of alcohol or glycerol (glycerin) with fatty acids. The glycerdes or fatty acids that are liquid at ordinary temperatures are called oils and those that are solids are called grease (or fats).

Oils and fats in wastewater

Fats and oils are contributed in domestic wastewater in butter, lard, margarine, they are commonly found in meats, cereals, seeds, nuts and in certain fruits. Kerosene, lubrificating and roads oils are derived from petroleum and coal tar and contain essentially carbon and hydrogen.
These oils sometimes reach the sewage in considerable volumes.
For the disposal of mineral oil on surface water and sewage systems, most governments have special requirements on the quality of wastewater.

Oil Block filters: 99% removal of free, dispersed and emulsified oils

Filter Oil-Block absorption cartridge are specifically designed and manufactured for high efficiency removal of free, dispersed and emulsified oils from water.

The Oil-Block absorption cartridge is filled with an unique co-polymer. This element absorb the hydrocarbons and actual bonds the oil in a very short time. The water flows radial into the cartridge and the adsorption media instantly encapsulate the oil and solidify.


The standard Oil-block cartridges will absorb 2 liters of Oil before the differential pressure of 2.5 Bar is reached. After saturation the filter blocks and can be easily removed. The blockage prevent any bypass of oil.

  • Water treatment
  • Mud pit cleaning
  • Clean-up of displacement water
  • Acid flow back
  • Completition fluids
  • Pipeline/systems purge/clean-up hydro test discharges
  • Ballast and bilge water clean-up
  • Run-off surface water


  • 99.9% removal of all oils in one single pass
  • Cartridge block after saturation, so no pass of hydrocarbons is possible
  • Removal of all strong emulsified in a single pass
  • The absorption capacity is more than 2 times its own weight (up 8 times)
  • No realased adsorbed hydrocarbons
  • No direct contact with saturated media during handling
  • High flow rates
  • Reliable and simple solution
  • Easy handling and operation
  • Fit into existing cartridge units


Adsorption Media


Adsorption capacity media

2 kg of hydrocarbons per cartridge


> 99%

Max. operating temperature

60 Celsius

Working pH range

pH 1-9

Weight of media per cartridge

0.5 kg

Cartridge length


Cartridge diameter

2 1/2 "


Type 222 (Code 3)

Cartridge construction material

Polypropylene (caps and outer shell)

Max. recommended flow rate

500 liters/hour/cartridge (2.2 GPM)

Required back pressure

Not required

Required pre-filtration

25 micron

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