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Osmonics cartuccia filtri

Elementi filtranti cartuccia Osmonics sono suddivisi nei seguenti gruppi:

Profondità Filtri

Absolute.Za filters

Aquatrex large diameter filters

Flotrex™ Pleated Microfiber Filters

Flotrex™ AP Microfiber Filters

Flotrex™ GF Cartridge Microfiber Filters

Flotrex™ HR Cartridge Microfiber Filters

Flotrex™ PN Cartridge Microfiber Filters

High Flow Z Cartridge Filters

Hytrex Depth Cartridge filters

Hypure PF™ Cartridge Filters

Memtrex™ FE Pleated Membrane Filters

Memtrex™ FE S Pleated Membrane Filters

Memtrex™ HFE S Pleated Membrane Filters

Memtrex™ KM Pleated Membrane Filters

Memtrex™ MMP Pleated Membrane Filters

Memtrex™ MP B Pleated Membrane Filters

Memtrex™ MP E Pleated Membrane Filters

Memtrex™ MP S Pleated Membrane Filters

Memtrex™ NY Pleated Membrane Filters

Memtrex™ PC Pleated Membrane Filters

Memtrex™ PM Pleated Membrane Filters

MuniZ Depth Cartridge filters

Purtrex™ Depth Cartridge Filters

Purtrex™ Plus Depth Cartridge Filters

ROSave Z Depth Cartridge Filters

Selex™ Depth Cartridge Filters

SWRO.Zs Depth Cartridge Filters

Wellpro Z™ Depth Cartridge Filters

Xpleat™ Pleated Cartridges Filters

Xpleat™ GF Pleated Cartridges Filters

ZCore™ Depth Cartridge Filters

Memtrex™ MP Capsule Filters

Memtrex™ NY Capsule Filters

Memtrex™ PM Capsule Filters

M-HT Series Hydrocarbon Removal Filter Cartidge

MBB Series Heavy Deaty Hydrocarbon Removal Filter Cartidge

EB Series hydrocarbon Emulsion Breaker Filter Carridge

MKPK hydrocarbon Emulsion Breaker Housings

MX Filter Cartridge Housings

GE M Series - Hydrocarbonate remoal cartridge

Why Pre-Filtration and Good Cartridge Filtration is Important

typical aplications include:

  • RO pre-treatment
  • Pure water filtration
  • Food and Beverage
  • Electronics
  • Oil and gas
  • Chemical processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical
  • General industry

Lenntech can also help you with similar filters or filtration systems for optimum water purification.
For further information or product specifications (data sheets) you can get in touch with us by the possibilities mentioned below.


GE Absolute Filtri

GE Aquatrex Filtri

GE Flotrex AP Filtri

GE Flotrex GF Filtri

GE Flotrex HR Filtri

GE Flotrex PN Filtri

GE High Flow Z Filtri

GE Hypure PF Filtri

GE Hytrex Filtri

GE Memtrex FE Filtri

GE Memtrex FE S Filtri

GE Memtrex HFE Filtri

GE Memtrex KM Filtri

GE Memtrex MP Filtri

GE Memtrex MP-B Filtri

GE Memtrex MP-E Filtri

GE Memtrex MP-S Filtri

GE Memtrex NY Filtri

GE Memtrex PC Filtri

GE Memtrex PM Filtri

GE MuniZ Profondita Filtri

GE Purtrex Filtri

GE ROSave Filtri

GE Selex Filtri

GE-SWRO Filters

GE Wellpro-Z Profondita Filtri

GE XPleat Filtri

GE XPleat GF Filtri

GE ZCore Profondita Filtri

GE Memtrex MP Capsules Filtri

GE Memtrex NY Capsules Filtri

GE Memtrex PM Capsules Filtri

GE Hydrocarbon Removals

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