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Loftop Filter Cartridges

Loftop cartridge filter elements are made of 100% pure polypropylene (meltblown) micro fibers, thermally bonded to prevent any fibre migration.

Typical Loftop depth filter codes have the following Product order number code:

LT-20-5-A-G product code meaning:

LT: LX series: Loftop

20: 20 inch cartridge length (508 mm)

5: Filter fineness = 75 micron (µm) or micron rating

A - Absolute Efficiency β-ratio 5000

G - End Caps / Adapters (in this case DOE foamed flat gaskets)


typical applications include:

  • RO pre-treatment
  • Pure water filtration
  • Food and Beverage (oils wine)
  • Electronics
  • Oil and gas
  • Chemical processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical
  • General industry
Other dimensions and data:

Inside Diameter: 27 mm
Outside Diameter: 64 mm
Maximum working temperature: 80 °C
(121 °C Steam sterilization)
Max. Differential pressure: 2.5 bar at 30 °C
Comply to FDA requirements and are free of any binding agents.

LOFTOP overview

LOFTOP Nylon 6.6 Absolute Filter Cartridges


Lenntech can also help you with similar filters or filtration systems for optimum water purification.
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