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GE Electrodeionization (EDI) moduli

(Continuous) Electro Deionization.

Electro De-Ionization is currently the most advanced technology for ion-exchange. With this technology (ultra)pure water can be produced continuously. This high-end technology can have an application in sectors such as: Power plants, process industry and pharmaceutical industry. An EDI-unit is usually used as a post treatment of Reverse Osmosis water.

It is a chemically free process that uses electricity and ion exchange resin to produce ultra-pure deionized water. Learn more about the EDI principle in our Library

Lenntech can provide separate EDI modules of the following manufacturers


GE, EDI modules                                           

Evoqua / Ionpure, EDI modules 

DOW, EDI module

How does EDI works video

Lenntech can also provide skid build turn-key EDI systems

Complete Elektr-Deionization Plants

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